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October 28, 2004


One of the hardest lessons to truly get sometimes is that we, as Christians, are to love our enemies. It's one thing to kill a person in self defense or in a war (See La Shawn Barber's post "Onward, Christian Soldiers" for an interesting look at the Biblical stance on war), but to wish death on a sick old man isn't particularly Christian. My joke over in the comments of this post at Vodkapundit wasn't a particularly Christian one:

You're all being horrible. You're just sitting there wishing for this poor man to die.

See, me, I thought that we should help the peace process along and give Arafat the respect he deserves by offering to send a well-known doctor to give him a quick once-over. Doctor Kevorkian is probably free, don't you think?

Arafat's proven himself time and again to be a dangerous supporter of terrorist activities (or, at the very least, he's proven himself an inept leader who couldn't stop his people from performing terrorist activities), but I feel it's inappropriate for me to have made a joke like that, and I apologize.

Update: On a completely unrelated topic, ScrappleFace is pure genius. I especially enjoyed this post: "Electoral College Added to Michael Moore Speaking Tour". Excerpt:

A spokesman for the provost's office said Mr. Moore will receive his traditional honorarium of $35,000, much of which covers the cost of insurance and freight incurred in getting the filmmaker to the college.

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